Chemistry Department Core Courses
Rivier University

The Chemistry Department offers the following general education core courses. These courses satisfy the Natural Science requirement in the new core.

  1. Introduction to Physical Science (PHY101): Introduces students to an in-depth understanding of a specific piece of sophisticated science content augmented by short content focused experiences. Offered in the fall semester. See the PHY101 Homepage.

  2. Investigating Our World (PHY107): This course is a little broader in nature and focuses more on the process of investigation in science by having the students actually participate in, identify, and practice the process of investigating common scientific phenomena. The course is not so much content driven, but focuses on the way that we engage with and investigate the world around us. It is more concerned with how we learn and not so much on what we can learn. Offered in the spring semester. See the PHY107 Information Page.

  3. Everyday Science (PHY103): Focuses on modeling or developing theories in science using every day phenomena. This course is online only. Offered during the summer. See the PHY103 Information Page.

  4. Crazy Ideas and Scientific Theories (PHY105): Focuses on what constitutes a scientific theory and how to choose between competing theories. This course is online only. Offered during the first semester every other year and as needed. See the PHY105 Information Page.

Note: Those students preparing to teach K-8 should take either PHY101 or PHY107 to satisfy the physical science requirement for the New Hampshire State Standards.