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Crazy Ideas And Scientific Theories
Dr. David R. Burgess
Rivier University

Welcome to the Crazy Ideas And Scientific Theories logon page. Please check the information page for more details about the course content and structure as well as for computer requirements and required texts.

If you understand the requirements for the course as described on the Information Page and would like to register for the course, contact your advisor or the Registrar's office. Questions about the course content, etc. should be directed to the instructor: dburgess@rivier.edu.

You can get to the class website by clicking "GO" in the box at your left. If you are registered for the course you will also be able to access the class website through Canvas. Be sure to buy the two required texts (listed on the information page) before classes begin.

Instructor:   Dr. David R. Burgess
Title:   Crazy Ideas and Scientific Theories, PHY105
URL:   http://www.rivier.edu/chemistry/phy105
Credits:   3 Semester Hours

Course Description:

PHY105          On Line (3 Credit Hours)

Crazy Ideas And Scientific Theories

A web-based core science course intended to clarify misconceptions, extend the science knowledge base and evaluate proposed scientific theories. Specifically, it will expose students to some modern ideas that have been proposed as scientific theories, provide a way to evaluate whether an idea has merit as a scientific theory, and give the student a framework to evaluate which of two competing theories has more merit. Basic skills, such as logical reasoning and academic writing, will be emphasized. Completely delivered over the Internet (http://www.rivier.edu/chemistry/phy105). Prerequisites: Rivier University entrance requirements, good research skills, and the ability to work independently.

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