Academic Policies

Several academic policies are common to all undergraduate courses at Rivier University. You will find these common policies at the following web address: In particular, please thoroughly review policies related to “The Classroom” (see “Attendance,” “Behavior,” and “Electronic Devices”), and “Academic Standards” (particularly “Academic Honesty”).

Please also consult the resources Rivier University offers to address special needs:

As your instructor, I expect these policies to be read and adhered to. Here is a focused list of the policies that are particularly important for this class.

The following policy statements will be opened in a browser.

  1. Attendance Statement and Habitual Non-Attendance Policy
  2. Academic Assessment at Rivier
  3. Academic Honesty
  4. Classroom Behavior
  5. Electronic Devices
  6. Students With Disabilities

The following policy statements are in Microsoft Word documents. These are the same as above.

  1. Academic Honesty
  2. Classroom Behavior
  3. Attendance Statement and Habitual Non-Attendance Policy