Statement on Student Use of Electronic Devices in the Classroom

Regarding the use of electronic devices (such as cell phones, PDAs, pagers, MP3/iPods, laptops, etc.), students may not use these or other electronic devices during class unless permitted by the course instructor. If use of these devices is permitted by the instructor, they are to be used for appropriate class activities only. If a learning disability is substantiated to require the use of one or more of these items, the student must contact the Office of Disability Services (897-8497), which will then work with the student and the course instructor as appropriate to facilitate whatever determination is reached regarding reasonable accommodations. Augmentative communication devices are excluded from this policy (please refer to the Student Handbook policy on disability regarding these). If an emergency situation requires students to leave a cell phone on, they should inform the course instructor at the beginning of the class and leave the phone in a non-intrusive mode so as not to disrupt the class.