Application Features and Instructions

Application Features

  • No checks to write! There is no fee when applying online.
  • You can complete the application over multiple sessions.
  • Your data is stored securely.
  • Rivier University receives your application immediately.

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Application Instructions

  1. Establish your account.
    • Click the 'Create a Rivier University Online Application account' link
    • Enter your account information exactly as instructed on the form.
    • Write down your username and password for future reference when re-entering the system.

  2. Fill out your application.
    Your application is saved each time you continue to another page. Giving you the ability to come back to it later - even from a different computer!
    • Start at the login page, enter your user name and password. Click 'Create Your Rivier University Application' or 'Update an Application' to select an application you would like to update.
    • You can edit your information until it has been submitted, and you are able to manage more then one application.

    All of your information is saved when continuing to the next page.

  3. Make corrections to your data.
    Your application will be validated at the time the 'Submit' button is clicked to verify all required fields have been completed.

  4. Once your application has been submitted. Select the 'Review a Submitted Application' link to review and print a copy of your application.

  5. Click 'Log Out' when you're ready to end your Web session.
    This clears your password and secure connection.

Web Application Features

  • The web application server stores the information you enter under the private user name and password you establish.
  • You don't have to complete an application in one sitting. For example, you can start working on a web application at your library's computer facility, save your work, access the form at home on your personal computer, and continue working from there. Wherever you have access to the Web, you have access to the information you've saved.
  • Your data is transmitted securely over the Internet. The information you enter is encrypted and secure when you save it and when you send it.   Although general data collected on the system may be used in statistical studies and reports designed to assist institutions with planning, any information bearing your personal identification is only disclosed to the department you send it to.

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