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University: Rivier University
Name of sponsoring Professor: Dr. Vladimir V. Riabov

Department: Mathematics and Computer Science

Research in Computing Education:

Using OPNET« GURU IT (Academic Edition) software tool in Web-enhanced course and Online (via Blackboard«) environment.

Several OPNET-based labs (Simulation of Small Internetwork Settings, Ethernet, Token Ring, Switched LANs, ATM, TCP, RIP, Firewalls & VPNs, and Networking Applications) are explored and adopted for teaching instructions via course Web sites (see CS553 and CS578 Class Notes) and online via Blackboard« sites. Under the instructor's supervision, several M.S./Computer Science students published their lab reports in the Rivier Academic Journal (see the list of students' papers below). The instructor has summarized these studies in three papers recently published in the Journal of Computing Sciences in Colleges (2006 and 2010), and in Learning Management System Technologies and Software Solutions for Online Teaching: Tools and Applications (see the list of instructor's papers below).


The instructor uses OPNET« GURU IT (Academic Edition) software tool in the following courses at Rivier University for lecture demonstrations and lab assignments since fall 2005:

CS553 Introduction to Networking Technologies

CS578 Advanced Networks

CS572 Computer Security

Course descriptions, class syllabi, and lab manuals are available from the course websites via the URL links above.

List of Papers Published by the Instructor:

  • Riabov, V. V. "Challenging Projects and Virtual Labs in Web-enhanced Networking Technology Classes." The Journal of Computing Sciences in Colleges, Vol. 21, No. 6, June 2006, pp. 88-99.
  • Riabov, V. V., and Higgs, B. J. "Running a Computer Security Course: Challenges, Tools, and Projects." Journal of Computing Sciences in Colleges, Vol. 25, No. 6, June 2010, pp. 245-247.
  • Riabov, V. V., and Higgs, B. J. “Software Tools and Virtual Labs in Online Computer-Science Classes.” In: Learning Management System Technologies and Software Solutions for Online Teaching: Tools and Applications, edited by Yefim Kats, IGI Global, 2010, pp. 332-350.

List of Papers Published by Rivier University Students:

  • Kumar, A. “Development of Laboratory Exercises Based on OPNET IT Guru Academic Version.” Rivier Academic Journal, 2005, Vol. 1, No.1, pp. 1-10.

  • Sood, A. “Network Design by Using OPNET™ IT Guru Academic Edition Software.” Rivier Academic Journal, 2007, Vol. 3, No.1, pp. 1-8.

NOTE: The summary of results is available via the URL links associated with the List of the Published Papers above.

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