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Dr. David R. Burgess

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Dr. Burgess holds the rank of full professor at Rivier University.

He received his BS degree from Brigham Young University with a major in chemistry and a minor in mathematics. He has a Ph.D. from Iowa State University in Physical Chemistry and has been teaching chemistry, physics and physical science for 30 years.

In addition he has collaborated with several faculty in the education department at Rivier University, doing online and face-to-face professional development, writing and editing a series of Discovery Books, and most recently investigating teaching and learning in elementary and middle school classrooms.

  1. Chemistry Department
  2. EveryDay Science
  3. Crazy Ideas and Scientific Theories
  4. Introduction to Physical Sciences
  5. Investigating Our World
  6. General Chemistry
  7. Physics
  8. Physical Chemistry
  9. Chemical Analysis
  10. Internet Communications
  11. StudentWorldTeacher.net
  12. brainStretch.net Development Site
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