Vladimir V. Riabov, Ph.D.

Professor and Department Coordinator
Director of Computer Science Programs
Department of Mathematics & Computer Science
Rivier University

420 S. Main Street
NH 03060-5086, USA
Tel: (603) 897-8613
E-mail: vriabov@rivier.edu


Visit a webpage on my pedagogy; also read the article of Michelle Marrone “Dr. Vladimir Riabov – A Man with a Mission,” Rivier Today, Fall 2014.

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Professor & Department Coordinator, Rivier University, Department of Mathematics & Computer Science (January 1999 – present):

Teach graduate (Master's) courses:

CS557/CS315 Algorithms

CS572/CS448 Computer Security (see Riabov, 2011, ICTCM Conference Proceedings)

CS680 Software Quality Assurance (see Riabov, 2011, Journal of Comp. Sci. in Colleges)

CS690 Topic: Numerical Methods (see Riabov, 2013, ICTCM Conference Proceedings)

CS691 Topic: System Simulation and Modeling

CS699/CS450 Professional Seminar in Computer Science

CS552/CS405 Object-Oriented System Analysis & Design

CS553/CS308 Networking Technologies (see Riabov, 2006, Journal of Comp. Sci. in Colleges)

CS546 Data Structures

CS578/CS445 Advanced Networks

CS608 Software Engineering

CS612/CS442 Information Technology

CS698 Professional Internship

Taught undergraduate courses:

CS120 Computing Concepts & Tools

CS145 Electronic Portfolio

MA210 Linear Algebra

MA123 Quantitative Literacy

MA110 Statistics

MA100 Mathematics I

BUS341 Information Systems Analysis

Affiliate Associate Professor, University of New Hampshire, Department of Mechanical Engineering (September 1998 – August 2006):

Taught graduate (Master's) courses:

Continuum Mechanics

Gas Dynamics

Computational Fluid Dynamics

Analytical Fluid Dynamics

Advanced Dynamics

Advanced Mechanics of Solids

Mathematical Methods in Engineering Sciences I

Mathematical Methods in Engineering Sciences II

Taught undergraduate courses:

Fluid Dynamics

Heat Transfer

Calculus II

Designed and supervised the Ph.D.-qualification exam on Continuum Mechanics, University of New Hampshire, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Durham, NH. February 2005.

Supervised various projects of students in the B.S. and M.S./Mechanical Engineering programs at UNH.

Adjunct Associate Professor, Daniel Webster College, Departments of Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics and Science, Nashua, NH (September 1997 – May 1998):

Taught undergraduate courses:

Data Structures and Algorithms in C++

Artificial Intelligence

Mathematics for Business and Economics

College Algebra

Adjunct Associate Professor, New Hampshire College (nowadays Southern New Hampshire University), Department of Mathematics and Sciences, Manchester, NH (September - December 1997):

Taught the undergraduate course:

Fundamentals of Algebra

Visiting Associate Professor, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Worcester, MA (August 1993 – July 1997):

Taught graduate (Master's) courses:

Advanced Fluid Mechanics

Advanced Dynamics

Viscous Fluid Flow

Gas Dynamics

Taught undergraduate courses:

Heat Transfer

Fluid Mechanics

Thermodynamics II

Aerodynamics II

Aircraft Design

High Speed Flow


Thermodynamics Applications and Design

Advisor for Master Qualification and Independent Study projects in Mechanics, Fluid Dynamics, and Aircraft Design





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