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InSight: Rivier Academic Journal
Vol. 17, No. 1, Fall 2022

THE FALL-2022 EDITION (Vol. 17, No. 1) IS PUBLISHED! (link)

 IN THIS NEW EDITION, "Celebrating Rivier's Heritage":

 • Honoring Marie Rivier’s Sainthood
 • 90th Anniversary Display Celebrates Rivier’s Proud History
 • From Journal Archives: "Reflections on Blessed Anne-Marie Rivier and the Mission of Rivier College", by Eric Drouart
 • From Journal Archives: "Celebrating 75 Years: a Look at Rivier’s Roots", by Jennifer J. Liskow
  Faculty-Students' Research: "Macrophage-Derived Extracellular Ribonucleic Acid Influences Inflammatory Profile of Macrophages
     in Dose-Dependent Manner
", by Allison Alton ‘22, Dr. Brian Patenaude, and Dr. Tatiana Jones
 • First Research Paper: MQTT - How it Works", by Rebecca S. Goodrich, a student in the M.S./CIS Program
  Philosophical Essay: “Dominion” and Our Ecological Crisis”, by Sr. Lucille C. Thibodeau, Ph.D., pm
  Pedagogy: "Welcoming International Students Back Through a Learner-Centered Approach", by Dr. Rita L. Naughton, SNHU
  Case Studies: Modeling the Lorenz System’s Chaotic Behavior" and "Numerical Simulation of Gas Injection", by Dr. Vladimir Riabov
 • Faculty Speaker Series.
 • "Art Exhibitions at the Art Gallery in 2021-2022", by Sr. Theresa Couture, pm
• Profiles of students, faculty, and alumni.


ANNOUNCEMENT: InSight: Rivier Academic Journal is included in EBSCO Humanities Source research database.

The Scope for the InSight: Rivier Academic Journal

This journal is devoted to reporting advancements in the liberal arts, sciences, education, nursing, and business administration studies. The Rivier Academic Journal publishes original peer-reviewed papers disclosing developments in philosophy, religious studies, English, communication, history, arts, music, mathematics, computer science, biology, chemistry, social sciences, education, nursing, and business administration studies. The context of the Rivier Academic Journal also includes creative work; poetry; short stories; computer-generated images; photographs; articles on University perspectives and programs; workshop materials; the abstracts of final students' projects and articles, which have been published recently by faculty, students and alumni in other publications; information about conferences, professional societies, and other high-quality materials.

Current Issue: "Celebrating Rivier's Heritage" (link)

The current issue (Vol. 17, No. 1, Fall 2022) was published in January 2023 (see Table of Contents).

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See the Editorial Policies section.

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, Ph.D. – Professor, Division of Arts & Sciences (Mathematics & Computer Science)

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CAROL A. LANGELIER, Ph.D. – Professor, Division of Education
, Ph.D. – Professor, Division of Arts & Sciences (English)

Members of Editorial Boards:
JOSEPH FORTE, Ph.D. – Assistant Professor, Division of Arts & Sciences (Philosophy)
SALLY HIRSH-DICKINSON, Ph.D. – Associate Professor, Division of Arts & Sciences (English)
ELIZABETH A. HARWOOD, Ph.D. Department Coordinator, Assistant Professor, Division of Arts & Sciences (Psychology)
TATIANA JONES, Ph.D., M.D. Assistant Professor, Division of Arts & Sciences (Biology)
MARTIN R. MENKE, Ph.D. – Department Coordinator, Professor, Division of Arts & Sciences (History, Political Science, & Criminal Justice)
NAOMI SCHOENFELD, Ph.D. – Associate Professor, Division of Education

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